Wingman has flown into the Top 15 of YOMYOMYF’s Interpretations 2.0 film competition

SEPTEMBER 2016 – BH2O Productions is proud to announce that Wingman, a short comedy from BH2O member Julia Chang and featuring members Patrick Chang and Josh Domingo, has been selected as a Top 15 semifinalist of the YOMYOMF’s Interpretations 2.0 film contest! 

The contest, created by Asian American director Justin Lin, challenged filmmakers to create a three-minute short of any genre using four lines of dialogue written by playwright David Henry Hwang.

Please help vote Wingman into the finals by:

1) Viewing the film at it’s official YOMYOMF page here.

2) Scrolling to the bottom of the post and clicking the light grey arrow button on the bottom left. You will be prompted to sign in via one of your social media networks, or create a new log-in, in order for your vote to count.

3) Once your vote has been recorded, the arrow should turn red.

BH2O thanks you for your support!

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