3 MINUTES is the story of Ron and Jessie, two local speed daters who prefer the completely candid approach to dating. Ron is an investment banker bloated with self-confidence but unlucky in love. Jessie is an actuary who is as honest as she is socially awkward. Over the course of their three-minute encounter, the two get to know each other a little too well, exchanging brutally honest evaluations of one another, the underwhelming standards they have for their romantic partners, as well as the past insecurities that have shaped who they are today. 

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT: The idea for 3 Minutes was conceived based on random conversations I would sometimes have with people describing what it was they were looking for in a partner—details that would have cut short any date had they actually been vocalized from the beginning. This then led to the question: If you’re truly intent on finding someone that fits the bill, why not cut to the chase and get real—really fast? (Before the final title was decided upon, the working title was No Filter Speed Date.)

The first draft of the script was written in 2012, but it wasn’t until I joined BH2O Productions that it finally got produced. It was only the second movie I had ever made, and we filmed it in less than five hours because the restaurant had an event they had to set up for right after we wrapped. At the time, I didn’t realize this was a ridiculously ambitious schedule, but our scrappy crew managed to get everything done in record time.

Ultimately, the film provides a satirical look at the (usually unrealistic) expectations of the modern dater—but at the end of the day, I’m hoping that it simply provides a few laughs for anyone who has had to weather a bad date.


Patrick Chang as Ron            Rachel Lin as Jessie
Brian Walters as the Host      Michael Benzinger as Topher 

Written and Directed by: Julia Chang
Director of Photography: Chase Kuertz
Editor: John Wu      Sound Mixer: Gabe de Varona

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